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We not only understand the regulations, we are continually identifying ways to improve our testing.


All survey data is captured using a tablet and data is uploaded to our 24/7/365 web portal.


We perform multiple checks of our results to ensure accuracy and we perform a thorough analysis of survey results.


Onsite, Alerts, and Vendor Management.


On-demand and custom reporting

Is your ATM Network Compliant?

Are you doing enough for your customers and your organization?

ADA Accessibility

ATMIA published a new accessibility report for ATM operators.

Below are some excerpts from the report:

• Operators must understand the accessibility status of every machine in their network. The machines must meet the basic legal requirements for access (if any), or be deployed to global access standards (if unregulated), or be identified as in need of remedial action.

• Based on the foregoing, a senior executive must be accountable for delivery of the related development or remedial projects through a coordinated, well-resourced management program.

• It is necessary to monitor all ATM locations and installations on a continuing basis to ensure maximum levels of accessibility are sustained.

• Best practice suggests that operators catalog the accessibility status of every ATM in their network. If you aren't sure or unaware of the status of your network ATM Business Solutions (ABS) can help you assess your network and identify any issues and help define an action plan to gain compliance.

Contact Mark Abriola at ABS for a free evaluation.


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