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We not only understand the regulations, we are continually identifying ways to improve our testing.


All survey data is captured using a tablet and data is uploaded to our 24/7/365 web portal.


We perform multiple checks of our results to ensure accuracy and we perform a thorough analysis of survey results.


Onsite, Alerts, and Vendor Management.


On-demand and custom reporting



The ABS mission is to leverage our knowledge and experience of the ATM industry in order to develop a custom survey program that addresses 3 primary needs of our client.


First, we will identify regulatory requirements and implement on-site compliance checks to evaluate potential risks.


Second, ABS will review the client’s portfolio of ATM assets and create survey questions that reveal information regarding the type and condition of ATM equipment, lighting and signage. This information will help our clients prioritize their needs and utilize company resources more efficiently


Third, ABS provides cleaning, lighting maintenance, replacement of notices and promotional materials while on site. These services present tremendous savings to our client’s, by avoiding the need for separate service contracts


However, the survey results are only as good as the accuracy of the information that is collected. That is why ABS employs a comprehensive training program and data verification process to ensure the most consistent and reliable data possible.




ABS began in 2009 and is managed by ATM experts with over 40 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Our insight and knowledge of managing all aspects of large-scale ATM networks makes ABS an excellent partner for organizations needing support from someone knowledgeable about the ATM industry and the responsibilities of ATM managers


ABS currently performs thousands of surveys per year for banks and ATM organizations. Our survey specialists are highly trained and accountable for making sure our client’s surveys are conducted to their exact specifications. In addition, all surveys go through a strict verification process to ensure completeness and accuracy


Survey programs are completely customized to match the needs and budget of each client. Our survey programs include ADA compliance and regulatory checks, ATM cleaning, lighting maintenance, safety checks, installation & removal of promotional materials and more. The ABS survey collection process is completely automated with all data and photos collected electronically and uploaded daily to a secure and easy to use website. Our mobile application also includes an automated email alert system to provide clients with timely notification of high priority findings. Survey results can easily be exported to an Excel file as needed, with just a click of the mouse.

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