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We not only understand the regulations, we are continually identifying ways to improve our testing.


All survey data is captured using a tablet and data is uploaded to our 24/7/365 web portal.


We perform multiple checks of our results to ensure accuracy and we perform a thorough analysis of survey results.


Onsite, Alerts, and Vendor Management.


On-demand and custom reporting


ABS provides a variety of services to help you manage your ATM Network.

Clear Floor Space Test - Wheel Chair Accessibility
ATM Compliance Survey
ATM Cleaning, ATM Lighting Survey
Compliance Review

ABS will meet with you to review ADA and government regulations and develop a customized survey that will generate the results you need to ensure your ATM network compliance

Data Collection

A customized survey questionnaire is created by ABS based on the customer's specifications. Data and photographs are collected by our highly trained survey specialists, utilizing a customized mobile software application. Completed photos and data results are uploaded to a secure customer portal where they are immediately available for your review.

On-site Services

While on-site, ABS provides a wide array of additional value-added services, alleviating the need for separate service calls.

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ATM Trending, ATM Reports, KPI
Reduce Cost of Ownership
ATM CRM Management
Reporting & Analytics

We perform a thorough review of survey results and will provide an issue dashboard and detailed views of the results to assist in knowing the status of each ATM in the network whenever needed.


We offer remediation services that are designed to address items needing continual oversight that cannot be addressed at the time of the survey.


Database Management

Upon collecting and uploading the survey data, results are available 24 x 7 via a secure online portal for authorized company personnel. Data results may also be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet format or via customized reporting by ABS.  Better data leads to better decisions.  

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