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We not only understand the regulations, we are continually identifying ways to improve our testing.


All survey data is captured using a tablet and data is uploaded to our 24/7/365 web portal.


We perform multiple checks of our results to ensure accuracy and we perform a thorough analysis of survey results.


Onsite, Alerts, and Vendor Management.


On-demand and custom reporting


Card skimming has become a very lucrative industry and continues to rise despite all of the awareness created by the news media.

Found Skimmer

Executives, ATM managers, and operators are asking questions like:

  1. How can I reduce card reader skimming losses?

  2. How can I protect customers card data?

  3. How can I improve public opinion caused by all of the negative media reporting?

One of the best ways to combat skimming is to regularly check card readers, and ATM Business Solutions Corp. and their patent pending Verisnap application can make this process easy. People performing these attacks tend to stay away from ATM operators and retailers that have a well-defined anti-skimming program. Due to limited timing to place/remove devices these individuals are looking for targets with no barriers to their operation. Our self-assessment program can help.

Brief Program Overview:

  1. A Verisnap assessment can be done easily by on-site personnel

  2. Available through Google Play or App store and can be downloaded to almost any device or accessed via Q-R code

  3. 3rd party verification of data and photos provides strong risk management

  4. Survey data and photos are archived and easily retrieved for future reference

  5. Tracking of past skimming events to predict/prevent future attacks

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